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Barry Hodges
Barry Hodges


Barry Lee Hodges "B" was born in sioux city but lived in the mighty burg of Moville Ia. He later moved to the west coast mainly the springfield oregon area. He moved back to sioux city around 84 when his parents divorced since a huge portion of his family lives there.

He credits his "Dad" Allen Derby for showing him the basics of bass/guitar, and over the years played in many of his various bands. An ill fated trip to oregon and a handfull of bands later he found himself moving to kansas to go to a small local college.

Barry played in several bands (a lot of is the bible belt and it pays better) to support himself while in school. He took various courses on music composition and business Management classes.

He came back to sioux city where he took a few years off to raise his son as a single parent.

He was one of the founding members for the band Relic and a few years later he helped found the local band Neer-Miss. After a few detours with other local acts he has now joined the ranks of the band known as Ghostship.

Favorite bands- Rush,Talas oh hell anything but gang rap. Seriously i love all music(or at least almost all of it)

Hobbys- Reading (from ann rice to ancient history, astronomy ect.) browsing old record shops,spending time with friends and family,martial arts and everything outdoors(camping pic-nics Fishing! ect)


Barrys Gear

1.) 4 string caribean green Ibanez sound gear bass(active pick ups) standard tuning
2.) 4 string sun-burst Schecter (active EMG pick ups) standard and half step tuning
3.) 4 string black BC Rich Warlock (passive pick ups) half step to whole step tuning
4.) 4-string line-six variax bass 700 (bass modeling/synth) standard to half-step tuning

Rig 1 Frankenstien
1.) Peavey Fire Bass head 700 bass head
2.) 1969 feder cab with 2-15in Altec speakers (reputedly owned by sam irish)
3.) Hartke 2-12in alum cones cab

1.) Vintage Peavey Mark VIII profess bass series
2.) Peavey 118 bass cab w/ 1-18 in blk widow with 2-12 in scorpions spkrs

1.) Aphex Big Bottom end and aurial exciter (rigs 1 and 2)
2.) Alesis 3630 dual/channel compressor/ limiter with gate (rig 2)
3.) Digitech BP 80 Multi effects/tuner (rigs 1 And 2)

Strings and Chords
1.) Boomers M3045 Mediums 45-105's (all basses)
2.) Planet wave cables (both rigs)