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Dan Loofe
Dan Loofe


Daniel "Dar" Loofe II, Singer

High Shool - Sioux City East Post High - W.I.T, Wayne State

Past Bands - Drippin Wet, DarkSide, 20 Years After, Mental Lapse

Favorite CD of all time - Thats a tough one, I like so many different types of musical genre's. But I would have to say that I have gotten the most musical enlightenment out of one particular CD. It may shock a few people to hear my choice, but if you really listen deeply to this CD, you get a sense of pure artistic strive for perfection. The CD I am refering to is.......Drum Roll please...... Purple Rain, by None other than Prince and the Revolution. What the hell are you talking about, you are asking? As its said, "god is in the details", this album has the most details of any Ive heard, or can recall. Each song has a myriad of different sounds, and instruments. All in perfect, but constantly changing time, and harmony. Disregard all the cheesyness the "freak with no name" stirs up in your head, and take another "deep" listen to this album, you will gain a new found respect for all bands that capture the essence of perfection, that is Rock and Roll. While the music may be 80's its the details that impress me.

Current CD's I listen too Puddle of Mud, Mettalica, Mega Deth, Kid Rock, Tool, LA Guns, Skid Row, 3 Doors Down, Fuel

Favorite Tunes: Seek and Destroy-Mettalica; Quicksand Jesus- Skid Row; Walk- Pantera; Dead or Alive- Bon Jovi; 1 Bawitdaba- Kid Rock; Sunday Bloody Sunday; U2; Comfortably Numb- Pink Floyd; Epic- Faith No More; The Balad of Jayne; L.A. Guns; Amanda,Were Ready- Boston; Liar- Rollins Band, and Many more...

Equipment Microphones - Sure Mics and cables Processing: Peavey Vocal 100 Multi-Effects Processor