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Jarrod Paulsen
Jarrod Paulsen


Jarrod Paulsen, Drummer

Born and Raised: 3-27-75, born in Denver Colorado Moved to Pocahontas, Ia. at age two Moved to Sioux City, Ia. after graduation from high school in 1993.

Musical Background: Played Trombone in High School Band, started on the drums at age 13 Past Bands a member of: Chaos, Dionysus, Sweaty Kitty, Absolute Zero (First band with Eric), Ghostship.

Musical Influences: Grew up on "Hair Bands", such as, Motley Crue, Wasp, Skid Row Biggest influences now: Savatoge, Dream Theater, Queensryche, Shadow Gallery, Iron Maiden

Equipment Drums - Pearl Cymbals - Sabian