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Rick Moore
Rick Moore


"Sioux City Rick" Moore, Lead Guitar

Born: Carroll, Ia. 1967 Moved to Sioux City at age 5. Rick lived in Templeton Ia., Manning Ia., before moving to Sioux City at age 5. Rick attended Sioux City Public Schools and graduated from Sioux City West in 1985. Rick got an acoustic guitar at the age of 6, and learned to play around the campsites of Minnesota. His first electric guitar and amp came at age 11.

Rick was in several garage bands growing up, including the Mo Fo's, Chalice and eventually formed the band Mental Lapse with good buddy's Dan Loofe, Rick Stewart, and Bob Larson. Mental Lapse released one album regionally. After touring extensively thruout the Tri-state area, Mental Lapse disbanded in late 1993, burnt out.

In 1998 Rick answered an ad that was in the Sioux City Journal, that said "bassist and drummer seeking metal guitarist". Answering the ad, he met Eric Wyant and Jarrod Paulsen. They teamed with Jarrod's friend, DJ Trout, and formed "Ghostship" in early 2000. In October of that year, they went into the studio to record a few original songs for a Demo CD. Nearing the completion of the CD, bassist Eric, took his own life. Singer DJ decided to leave the band to spend more time with his family. Ghostship took a hiatus. After some time, Rick and Jarrod decided to start jamming again. Rick got back together with his singer and friend, Dan Loofe, and the trio auditioned many fine bass players before scoring maniac bassist, Ahron Jurney, formally of the Rouge's. Things started clicking again, and several more songs were written.

Main influences: Frank Marino, Michael Schenker, Toni Iommi, Ed, Joe Satriani, Mercyful Fate, and of course Metallica

Records to Live for: Frank Marino...'Juggernaut'; Black Sabbath...'Born Again' & 'Heaven and Hell'; Marillian...'Misplaced Childhood'; Frank Zappa...'Zootallures'; Led Zeppelin..''3'; Megadeth...'Rust in Peace'; Far Too Jones...'Picture Postcard Walls'; The Why Store...'Two Beasts'; King Crimson...'3 of a Perfect Pair' Lou Reed...'New Sensations'; Deep Purple...'Perpendicular'; HSAS...'Through the Fire'; Down...'NOLA'; Tommy Bolin...'Private Eyes'; U2...'Sunday Bloody Sunday'; Aldo Nova...'Subject'; and too much to list from geniuses such as Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Iron Maiden, Metellica, UFO, your Mom, Megadeth, Eric Johnson, SRV, Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, early Ozzy, Van Halen, Rush, The Tragically Hip, KISS and on and on and on...


Gibson "Les Paul"

ESP Horizon Guitar

Peavey Mantis LT Guitar

Line 6 Amps